Welcome to NDB Group

  • We believe our first responsibility is to be best suppliers, to provide value-add service and best quality product for all our users.
  • We must be self-driven, innovative, creative to our job, customers and company.
  • We must respect each employee's dignity and recognize our merit.
  • We must be ethical to our job and company.
  • We must have sense of security in our jobs, and we must have responsibility to make contribution and maximize best interest to company.
  • There must be equal opportunity for employment, development, and advancement for those qualified.
  • Everyone must feel free to make suggestion and complaint, and compensation awarded must be fair and adequate to all.
  • We must protect and maintain good conditions of our property and all resources, working environment must be safe and clean.
  • We must share vision of organizational mission and goal, and must be carried on on-going improvement and innovation.
  • We believe when we operate according to those principles, the stockholder and employees should realize a fair return from the company.