Employee Welfare

Upholding the people-oriented concept, NDB strives to offer a reasonable wage and welfare to all employees and also care about employees' health, family and life. The company is also providing equal opportunity in promotion, training and pension program.

I. Employee Welfare
  1. labor insurance, national health care
  2. employee incentive
  3. employee physical check
  4. automobile loans
  5. company tour
  6. Presents or Monetary Gift for three Big Holidays
II. Employee Training Course
  1. The company offers a series of on job training course. Through ongoing learning and training program, employees can improve their skills and knowledge.
  2. Annual internal and external training hours and cost:
unit: hour; NTD
Department Training Hour Training Cost
Marketing Department 266.5 2,908
R&D Department 391.0 8,722
Supporting Department 81.5 0
Administration Department 642.8 46,584


III. Retirement Program
  There is a complete employee retirement program based on the standards of the "Labor Pension Act" and implemented firmly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.


IV. The Relationship Between Labor and Managemeent
  The relations between Labor and Management are under win-win situation, in case of any conflict, both parties should solve the dispute in good faith.