Company Introduction
Category: Electronic components related industries
Industry Description: Professional electronic components distributor
Capital: NT$ 1.78 billion / Inquiry from MOEA
number: 420
Contact: Miss Chen
Phone Number: +886-2-2219-0505 (#175)
Address: 1F., No.4, Aly. 1, Siwei Ln., Zhongzheng Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan
About Company

Established in 1993 with capital NTD 10 million, ever since then, NDB has accumulated richness of diversities, professional knowledge, and abundant experiences in electronic component industry and became one of top global passive component distributor and biggest passive component distributor and supplier in Taiwan.

NDB Group believes Integrity, service, growth, and co-prosperity are good faith and core value to reach win-win with our suppliers and customers. After many years of investments and acquisitions, the company is continuously striking for expanding in product line in order to provide best solution and package service to our customers.

Now NDB Group is focus on medical, Automotive, AI and 5G related applications. Think globally and act locally. NDB Group is keep expanding operations not only in Great China Area, but also in South Asia and other region in order to catch dynamic market trend and to fulfil customer’s needs. Again, with full product line service, total solution, global network support, and one-stop shopping, NDB Group is your best and trustable partner.

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Company Philosophy

Integrity, Service, Growth, and Co-Prosperity.

Business Scope

As a top global electronic component distributor, the major business scope of NDB Group is distributing global well-known brands of passive and active components to our worldwide customers, and also providing professional and best services for product design-In, CRL package solution, cost reduction, on-time delivery, supply chain management, quality inspection, and time to market information to our partners and customers.

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Employee Welfare Package
◆ Bonus / Incentive Program
- Year-End Bonus
- Annual compensation Reward
- Annual Incentive
- Birthday Cash / Gift
◆ Insurance Program
- Labor insurance
- Health insurance
- Group insurance
◆ Social Activities Program
- Company Domestic Travel
- Company Overseas Travel
- Departmental Dinner and workshop Activity
- Birthday Party
◆ Employee Leave Program
- Annual Paid Leave
- Annual Paid Holiday and Vocation
- Maternity / Paternity leave
- Marriage / Bereavement leave
◆ Other Allowance Program
- Wedding allowance
- Maternity allowance
- Travel allowance
- Annual employee Health inspection allowance
- Employee car loan

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